features the work from African photographers, designers and writers and grants insights into contemporary Africa.


    The NICE Magazine No3 from Katlehong is ready for presale!

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    KLAYM is an independent association founded in 2015. We are dedicated to support and train young talents in photography, video production, graphic media design and writing who are facing limited access to long-term professional training in African countries with little national funding structures. The association is committed to giving their authentic stories a global exposure. We believe in the claim of young African professionals to share their own experiences, stories and new perspectives from a continent of rapid change.

    For this, KLAYM not only supports creative talents but also opens and distributes their work to a broader audience.

  • workshops

    KLAYM leads workshops for young professionals in media and design with local and international instructors in various countries in Africa. The aim is to strengthen the participants in their individual visions and narratives.

    Each workshop not only sets a strong focus on practical aspects of conceiving and producing a story. It also trains the business skills of our participants and teaches them methods to establish longterm relationships with clients.

    On a second level the workshops provide the young initiators with the infrastructure to create their own magazine showcasing the subjects they deal with in their work. Each workshop leads to a dedicated publication.

    The goal of KLAYM is to ensure our participants expertise and support them with a higher global exposure.

  • publications

    Africa has the highest concentration of young people on the planet, all finding their way in life.

    Our publication series NICE showcases the creative output from young storytellers with a strong style of narrative.

    The magazine published by KLAYM features mainly selected works from our workshop trainees, but looks at further contributions as well.

    Each issue travels to a new city and country and is shaped by a main theme relevant to the young generation there. The publication series of KLAYM is both a business card for our contributors, and a stand alone magazine featuring contemporary work from the African continent in photography, visual design and journalism.

    The visual identity of our publication series is shaped by the philosophy, that the material itself leads to the right form. Therefore the contributors are actively included in the editorial design. It is their platform to share individual visions and ideas with the rest of the world.

    The most recent issue of NICE features Abidjan. Interested in reading it? Order your copy online with us or find the magazine in the store.

  • NICE in the stores


    Queensland Art Gallery, South Brisbane

    NGV International Gallery Shop, Melbourne

    Perimeter Books, Thornbury, Melbourne

    Readings, Carlton



    Riot, Gent



    Galerie Miranda, Paris

    Librairie du CCS, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

    Yvon Lambert, Paris



    c/o Berlin Foundation, Berlin

    Do you read me?!, Berlin

    Extrabuch, Muenster

    Georg Buechner, Darmstadt

    Pro QM, Berlin



    Books International, Bologna



    MHM Limited, Tokyo



    Athenaeum Bookstore & Newscentre, Amsterdam

    Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam

    Motta, Eindhoven

    San Serriffe, Amsterdam

    The American Book Center, Amsterdam

    Van Piere, Eindhoven


    South Korea

    Post Poetics, Seoul



    Fotomuseum, Winterthur

    Duplikat - Buch + Papier, Zurich

    Kosmos, Zurich

    Kunstgriff, Zurich

    Kunsthalle, Basel

    Librairie du Boulevard, Geneva

    Le Vent des Routes, Geneva

    Never stop reading, Zurich

    OOR Records, Zurich

    Oraibi and Becksbook, Geneva

    Payot, Lausanne

    Payot Rive Gauche, Geneva
    Photoforum Pasquart, Bienne

    Qwstion, Zurich

    Sphères, Zurich


    United Kingdom

    Art Data, London

    Offprint, London
    Turbine Hall Shop, Tate Modern, London


    United States

    2 Bridges Music Arts, New York, NY

    Arcana, Culver City, CA

    Artbook @ Hauser Wirth, New York, NY

    McNally Jackson Booksellers, New York, NY

    Phillip Galgiani, New York, NY

    Spoonbill and Sugartown, Brooklyn, NY

    YBP Library Services, Contoocook, NH

  • support us

    Klaym campaigns for a stronger presence of African photographers on the global stage.


    Our initiative has been blessed with great and encouraging feedbacks from all over the world. However, in order to explore the full potential of our workshop and publication we are in need of support. If you would like to see more work from African photographers in the future: kindly support our efforts!


    Your help is best appreciated with a donation either directly via through our shop (see options below) or via transfer to our bank account:

    Bank: PostFinance, Switzerland

    Account No.: 61-176602-2, IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 6117 6602 2



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    NICE N°3 edition Katlehong - presale
    The NICE Magazine exhibits the works of a young generation of African photographers, designers and writers and showcases their perspectives, aesthetics, styles and stories. This issue is produced out of Katlehong, South Africa. The content is ready, we still need to print the issue. The release of the publication is expected for October 2019.
    Coming soon
    With the donation of CHF 500 you help us financing a flight and visa for one of our photographers from Abidjan to visit the CO-OP Unseen exhibition in Amsterdam. This is a great opportunity for that person to meet potential clients. Your help is much appreciated!
    Coming soon
    NICE N°2 edition Abidjan
    The NICE Magazine exhibits the works of a young generation of African photographers, designers and writers and showcases their perspectives, aesthetics, styles and stories. The publication represents a unique collaboration between the association Klaym, Côte d’Ivoire-raised photographer Flurina Rothenberger, Zurich design agency Hammer and several up-and-coming young talents from numerous African countries.

    164 Pages, Bilingual English and French
    Expected release: January 26, 2018

    For pre-Christmas orders receive a gift of 5 post cards sent to you to place under the Christmas tree.
    Coming soon
    Edition Nice N°1 Poster
    This poster was created for the first Nice edition by Hammer. Now the poster was selected for the "100 beste Platte DE/AT/CH" exhibition at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts.

    Silkscreen, two color
    Size 89.5 x 128cm
    CMAT 150g

    Designed by Hammer, Zurich.
    Printed in France.
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    Edition nice N° 1
    Africa has the highest concentration of young people on the planet, all finding their way in life. Edition Nice N°1 was a pilot project, a youth magazine conceived and carried out with young contributors in Pemba, Moçambique. In images and in words, they share their point of view on money, job, social media, love and what identity means to them. Both locally and globally.

    Art direction and Design by Hammer
    144 Pages
    Bilingual English and Portuguese
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    With the donation of CHF 100.00 you help us cover our printing costs for the magazine. We appreciate your dedication!
    Coming soon
    With the donation of CHF 200.00 you help us with the production costs of The Nice Magazine. We highly appreciate your generous support!
    Coming soon
    With the donation of CHF 150.00 you help us finance trainings and photo shootings with young creatives in Abidjan and further African cities. Thank you very much!
    Coming soon
    With the donation of CHF 50.00 you support us with teaching material for our workshops.
    Many Thanks!
    Coming soon
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    Klaym finished a successful first operational year with a workshop in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire....
    The NICE Magazine exhibits the works of a young generation of African photographers, designers...
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